New "AKC" CH Lonecreeks Yippee Kai Yay

New "AKC" CH Lonecreeks Yabba Dabba Doo

New "INT" CH Lonecreeks Super Tramp

New "INT J.Puppy CH 3 x PBIS Lonecreeks Super Tramp


Owners gallery with family updates:

The dogs on this page are just a few of the dogs that have been bred by LONECREEK ROTTWEILERS that are now owned,loved and handled by others from around the world. We are proud of the accomplishments and contributions that have been made and continue to be made by our dogs and are pleased to be able to keep a close eye on their careers as SHOW DOGS, SCHUTZHUND DOGS, AGILITY DOGS, OBEDIENCE DOGS, QUALITY PRODUCERS AND VALUED FAMILY MEMBERS. We wish to share with you what we have learned about these upcoming stars and valued family members here on this page.

Lonecreeks Missi Ryoko

Congratulations to the Timberlake family, AZ on their newest addition Lonecreeks Missi Ryoko.

Loncreeks Nadur Roisin

Congratulations to the Mahoney family, MA on their new family member Loncreeks Nadur Roisin.

Lonecreeks Bentley

Congratulations.... to Mark Henderson of Houston,TX on newest family member!!!

Lonecreeks Bella

Valued family member and future flight instructor.

Lonecreeks Hadrian

Lonecreeks Hadrian

Lonecreeks Ibbs

Congratulations to the Villasenor family San Antonio, Tx shown with Lonecreeks Ibbs.

Lonecreeks Bailey

Alma Coronel shown with new baby... Lonecreeks Bailey.

Lonecreeks Ivan

The Carpenter family, Odessa Tx with their newest addition, Lonecreeks Ivan.

Lonecreeks Ikon

Congratulations to the Conner family Houston, Tx. Lonecreeks Ikon chilling out at home.

Lonecreeks Intrepid Kaiser

Lonecreeks Kaiser with the youngest members of the Miller family. Edmund, OK

Lonecreeks Isis

Lonecreek Isis... Co-pilot for Suzanne LaPlacette and family. SanJuan, Puerto Rico

Lonecreeks Kloe

Lonecreeks Kloe...owned by the Febres family TX. 9 months in photos

Lonecreeks Krystin Fayth

Lonecreeks Krystin Fayth (Picture #1: Fayth at 9 months | Picture #2: Fayth achieving her CGC!) owned by the Cullens family TX.

Lonecreeks Kronos

Lonecreeks Kronos... owned by the Corbitt family LA. 9 months in photo

Lonecreeks Kolonel Klink

Lonecreeks Kolonel Klink... owned by the Demont family TX. 9 months in photo

Lonecreeks Kaos

Lonecreeks Kaos... owned by Kathy Rasmussin... TX, co-owned w/Lonecreek Rottweilers. 9 months in photos.

Lonecreeks Karu

Lonecreeks Karu... owned by the Nixon family TX. 3 months in photos

Lonecreeks Klara

Lonecreeks Klara... owned by the Smith family TX. 6 months in photo

Lonecreeks Haven

Lonecreeks Haven. Beloved family member of the Laskodi family.

Lonecreeks Hagan

Congratulations to the Rasmussin family. Watch for Lonecreeks Hagan on the Schutzhund field as well as in the Sieger ring! Go Kathy!!!

Lonecreeks Heiress

Watch for Lonecreeks Heiress in the conformation ring. Owned and loved by the Kimball family!!

Lonecreeks Hadrian

Congratulations to the Pike family on Lonecreeks Hadrian. Watch for him on the Schutzhund field!!!

Lonecreeks Hurricane Hexy

Lonecreeks Hurricane Hexy......owned by the Padkowsky family NJ

Lonecreeks Hera's Dark Storm

Lonecreeks Hera's Dark Storm. Watch for Gina or Tony Chambers of FL. with Hera in the AKC conformation ring.

Mint Girl

Congratulations to the Suter family of Franklin Texas on their their newest baby and farm helper!!!

Lonecreeks Zoey

Congratulations to the Love family- Spring Hill Florida on their newest family member.

Lonecreeks Augustus

Congratulations to the Hoffman family on their new family member and "chief surgeon". Lake Jackson,TX

Lonecreeks GQ (aka "Jett")

Living in Lonetree CO with Greg and Wendy Dinetz as a beloved family memeber, GQ is a rising star on the Sch/VPG field as well as AKC/Sieger conformation rings.
Shown doing bite work with Mark Chaffin of High Plains Schutzhund Club. Denver, CO

Lonecreeks Anastasia

Lonecreeks Anastasia (aka Rylee)
Congratulations to the Leverett family to their newest family addition and future star!!!

Red Boy (Magnum)

Congratulations to the Hoffman family on their new family member and "chief surgeon".
Lake Jackson,TX

Rainbow Girl

Rainbow Girl
Congratulations to the Turpin family of Blomington IN on their newest family addition!!

Lt. Blue Boy

Lt. Blue Boy
Congratulations to Cindy Brown on their newest family addition.

Lonecreeks Alano Bishop

Congratulations to the Navedo family of Fort Worth TX, watch for Bishop in the AKC/Sieger conformation rings.

Lonecreeks Absolute Tuff

Aqua Girl
Lonecreeks Absolute Tuff
Pictured with new owner Tami.

Lonecreek's Noris vom Vollenhaus

"valued family member"
Owned by Steven Johnson and family
Richmond, Texas


doing his "poinsettia" "sit stay" under trainer
WDA Judge Joe Tackett
Crosby, Texas

Lonecreek's Dusko vom Vollenhaus

"valued couch potato"
Owned and loved by Dianne Hamen, Palmyra NE

Lonecreek's Hercules vom Vollenhaus

Watch for Hercules in the AKC, CKC and German conformation rings in USA and Canada in 2009.
Owned by Jack Nishikawa
Langley, BC

Lonecreeks Etana vom Vollenhaus

Loving family member.
Owned by the Dillman Family

Lonecreeks Diva vom Vollenhaus

The Avignon family
Austin, Tx.

Lonecreeks Funny vom Vollenhaus

Valued family member.
Owned by the Irwin family
Austin, TX.

Lonecreeks Flex vom Vollenhaus

Loving family member.
Owned by the McDermott family
Denton, TX.

Lonecreeks Nora "Mara" vom Vollenhaus

Future agility star.

Lonecreeks Felix vom Vollenhaus

Taking dad for a walk. Watch for Felix in the AKC ring.
Tucson, AZ.


this is Ella, devoted family member and future AKC Rally star!!!
Owned by the Satthoff family
Wichita, KS.

Lonecreeks Naia vom Vollenhaus

Owned by Chandlerhaus Rottweilers
Navarro, Florida

Lonecreeks Freddy vom Vollenhaus

Future fishing guide.
Minneappolis, MN

Lonecreeks Giacob

Watch for Giacob in the AKC/Sieger conformation ring.
Owned by Nelson Garza and family
Kingwood, TX.

Lonecreeks Nora vom Vollenhaus

Agility star.
Owned by Michael & Joyce Keyes
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Lonecreeks Norie vom Vollenhaus

A much loved family member and show prospect.
Owned by Nelson Garza and family
Kingwood, Tx.

Lonecreeks Gally

Watch for Gally in the Obedience, Herding, and Agility rings.
Owned and loved by Joe and Dawn Strong
Wiley, TX.

Lonecreeks Gwynn

Watch for Gwynn in the Herding and Obedience rings.
Owned and loved by Joe and Dawn Strong
Wiley, TX.